Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Magical Cream

Being a mum you're always looking for that magical little pot you know the one that'll make it look like you've had 20 hours of sleep when in reality you have had two! Like you've actually made some effort this morning......

I'm always on the hunt because if I'm honest I'm lucky if my hair gets brushed! I seriously don't have the time for the 'Yummy Mummy' Perfect mum look. I don't have someone that will watch my child while I spend three hours (Yes it does take that long to make me look pretty) getting myself ready for a trip to Asda.

So while I'm secretly jealous of all you mums with your perfect hair and make up. Hoping that you'll maybe fall over and get mud in your hair....(Haa I am kidding! .......Just abit!)

I'm still on the hunt for it...!

Then I came across an email from Emily over at chemist direct she asked me if I'd like to review the Garnier bb cream so of course I'm a mum on a mission remember? I practically took her virtual hand off!

The lovely Emily sent me two of the bb creams.....
One is the newer bb cream which is for oil to combination skin
The top is the newer one and below is this...

....Which is the one I decided to try first...Sounds amazing doesn't it? Could this really be what I've been  looking for?! (I'll review the other at a later date..)

So before I go on any further this is a review so you're going to see my ugly mug without anything on!!! 

An here it is..........

(Sorry I've caught sun on my face :( ) So as you can see there isn't much difference :( infact I think it makes my skin look awful! I didn't put loads on as it's quite thick so I thought it would feel quite heavy. Kinda disappointed with it.

I'll try the oil to combination in the next few days and post a review on that.

If you'd like to buy this then you can here

I was sent the Garnier bb cream for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own.